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[Web] MobileMule 0.9b UIQv3

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Postado 07 Jan 2008 - 01:09

MobileMule 0.9b

So you know eMule, but what is MobileMule?

MobileMule is a small subproject of eMule, which let's you control your eMule with any java-enabled mobile phone (actually not any, but most). Note that MobileMule is NOT a eMule for your mobile phone, but a remote control for your eMule.

Which mobile phones are supported?

Basically all java enabled mobile phones which have 40 KB free fixed memory and about 150-200KB Heap. A color display is strongly recommended (many older phone types - espacially from Nokia - with non color display do not have enough free Heap anyway. Also you need to be able to access the Internet via HTTP. All java-enabled mobile phones should supported this, however it is possible that your contract doesn't allows internet access (prepaid) or that your carrier offers only restricted access. Anyway, the best way to find out is to try it - or to check the board.

Anything else needed?

Yes, your port 80 must be open reachable for incomming connections. So if you have a router or firewall you have to open this port. For more help, please read the guide or ask on the board (after you read the guide ).

Please keep in mind that this is a betaversion. Don't worry, MobileMule can never damage your handy - but it could just not work on your handy or with your provider. Please post your experiences into the board and wait till a new version fixes these problems.

Your mobile phone will ask you then if you want to download this file. You just have to confirm this and MobileMule is installed on your mobile phone. One note: Of course we charge you nothing for downloading this file, hower your operator probably charges you for any transferred data depending on your contract. Check your contract to find out how much this is.

An eMule version which supports the most current Mobilemule protocoll is required. Comming eMule releases will have this implemented, but since MobileMule is in a very early development stage there will be more releases.


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Postado 02 Mar 2008 - 14:22

MobileMule 0.9b UIQv3

Galera eu quero sabe ond eu posso faser o cadastro do MobileMule

porque eu va instalei e pego mais quando eu vo entra pede



se alguem suber posta awe quero me registra flw




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Postado 02 Ago 2010 - 11:16

ñ sei,tambem não consigo



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Postado 15 Set 2010 - 07:36

Vcs já tentaram no site do desenvolvedor do app?? Deve ter o passo a passo...ok

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